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Cookie Policy

The data controller is P2P s.r.l. – Corso di Porta Vittoria, 54 20122 Milan (MI).

To exercise your rights you can contact the owner who can be contacted at the e-mail address privacy@p2psrl.com.
https://www.p2psrl.com (Site from now on) uses cookies.


What they are- Cookies are text strings created by a server and stored on the computer or any device used by the user to access the Internet (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and then be retransmitted as the user re-accesses the Internet. Cookies allow us to collect information on the navigation carried out by the user on the Site, for example to remember the user’s language and currency preferences in order to re-propose them during the following visit, facilitating the use of the Website.

We distinguish “session” and “persistent” cookies: the first ones, once downloaded, are then deleted when the browser is closed; the latter, on the other hand, are stored on the user / visitor’s device until they expire. Cookies can be provided directly by the operator of the site on which you are browsing (first-party cookies) or, in the event that the site relies on external services for particular functions, by third parties (third-party cookies). On each site there may be elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains, etc.) that reside on servers other than the one you are visiting.

Their utility- Cookies are used for different purposes: execution of computer authentication, monitoring of sessions, storage of information on specific configurations regarding users accessing the server, storing preferences, etc. Persistent cookies are mainly used to facilitate navigation of the site and to understand which sections of the site have had multiple visits. Session cookies, on the other hand, are mainly used during authentication, authorization and navigation in services that are accessed through a registration.

The different types of cookies-

  • “Technical” cookies – These are cookies used to browse or provide a service requested by the user. They are not used for other purposes and are normally installed directly by the owner of the website. Without the use of these cookies, some operations could not be performed or would be more complex and / or less secure. In addition, these cookies allow you to remember the last page visited or to what extent you have seen a video, to recognize the type of device in use and to adapt the size of the images accordingly. Cookies analytics are considered technical if used to perform statistical analysis aggregated on the most visited pages and user preferences, but only anonymously and if they are not used to analyze the behavior or preferences of individual users. Consent for installation – For the installation of technical cookies, users’ consent is not required and it is necessary to inform them.
  • “Profiling” cookies – These are the cookies used to track user browsing on the web and create profiles based on their tastes, habits, choices, etc. With these cookies, advertising messages can be transmitted to the user’s terminal in line with the preferences already expressed by the same user during online browsing. Consent for installation – The installation of profiling cookies, instead, takes place on the user’s terminal only after it has been informed in a simplified manner and has given its consent.

Cookies and user consent for the installation- At the moment of access to the Site there is a Banner containing a brief informative note. By closing the Banner, continuing browsing or by accessing another area of the Site, or selecting an element of the same (for example, an image or a link), the visitor gives consent to the use of cookies. This consent to use is registered using a “technical cookie”. The visitor can know the information, accept the individual types of cookies and how to disable third-party cookies on the site by clicking on the links contained in the following section “P2P and cookies”. 

Control and removal of cookies- Specified that the cookies used by the Site are intended solely to facilitate navigation and experience of use of the Site, to gather information on the most visited pages in order to offer surfers a better service, the users can independently choose to check, delete and permanently disable cookies stored on their terminals. To know in detail how to do, in addition to the topics of the “Guide” of the browser in use, please refer to the individual procedures for setting cookies on the most popular web browsers:

For more information on cookies

P2P & Cookies

The Website uses third-party cookies and does not use profiling cookies.

According to the classification adopted by current Italian and European legislation, the Site uses the following technical cookies:

  • Purposes of processing- The Website uses Google Analytics cookies (third-party technicians) – which allow you to monitor the Site using the Google tool in order to obtain information on user access to websites.
  • Lawfulness of processing- Consent (via banner, optional and revocable at any time).
  • Retention period-  For the duration of the browsing session on the Site until the end of it. If persistent, until the end of the cookie duration.

For more information on Google Analytics cookies, please refer to http://www.google.com/policies/technologies/cookies/.

Recipient categories- The data collected through cookies will be processed by employees, collaborators of the Company or external subjects, as data processors and data processors, who perform tasks of a technical and organizational nature on the Company’s behalf.